Our "Green" Guarantee:

We guarantee to furnish top quality nursery stock, true to name. Any trees, shrubs or evergreens that fail to survive one year from purchase date will be replaced once, or full purchase price credited, providing they have received reasonable care. Nursery stock that has been sold by us and planted by us that fails to survive for one year will be replaced at no charge for the nursery stock. Any labor incidental to planting replacement will be paid for by the purchaser. Should we not have the same plants in stock, we reserve the right to give store credit for the amount due or supply other plants of equal value. It is understood that we will not in any event be liable for a sum greater than the original purchase price for the plant or for more than one replacement. We will not be responsible for claims due to damage from the following: lack of watering, mechanical (vehicles, snow plows, mowers, etc), chemical, insects, disease, animals (pets, deer, voles, rabbits, etc), vandalism, or damage through an act of God such as drought, flood, extreme cold, etc.  It is understood that all guarantee claims will be decided solely at Amherst Nurseries discretion.

Exclusions: The following are not guaranteed: Perennials, annuals, roses, grasses, pond plants, sod, grass seed, plants planted in above ground containers or plants planted in cemeteries.  Nursery stock sold at discount are excluded from the guarantee.  Under no circumstances do we guarantee the survival of customer plants transplanted by us.  

No guarantee shall apply without proof of purchase and prompt payment of your account when due.

Return/Cancellation Policy:

We will accept returns of healthy, well maintained plants within 48 hours of their purchase. Plants will not otherwise be accepted for return.  All returns will receive store credit but no refund will be available.

Confirmed orders that are later cancelled shall be offered store credit but no refund will be available.  Sales tax credit may not be available if we have already paid the tax.