Landscaping is a highly customized service, tailored to each customer's needs/budgets and their properties characteristics.  As such, we work hard to satisfy every customer, and we really appreciate customer feedback.  Here are some recent comments from some of our customers:

"We've been especially grateful for all your prompt and good plowing this winter - thanks!"
R. E., Pelham  (Regarding our plowing services for the long winter of 2014-2015)

"Always a pleasure doing business with you!"
N. T., Amherst  (Snow removal customer)

"Thanks for all your hard work.  It all looks terrific.  Lots of compliments from the neighbors!"
J. C.,   Amherst

"The walls are so beautiful!  I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with them.  Your work is excellent and I get great pleasure every time I look at the goshen stone and the way you fitted them together.  Am looking forward to doing more work with you in the spring."
E. T.,   Northampton

"I rarely thank the service provider when I am paying bills... living alone at 60 years of age, I absolutely rely on Amherst Nurseries to [snow] plow in time for me to go to work... I feel safe knowing that I could get out (or an ambulance could get in) if I were to experience a medical emergency.  I thank you for this peace of mind."
M. S.,    Amherst

"Thank you for a great job!"
A. K.,    Belchertown

"Thank you for your great service and helpful attitude.  Happy New Year!"
R. W.,    Amherst

"Thank you so much for your work.  Everything is looking and working great."
M. C.,    Conway (Plantings and custom irrigation system for vegetable garden)

"Thank you for everything!  You are a pleasure to work with."
M. M.,    Belchertown

"Thank you for your snowplowing this winter.  You are very responsive."
A. S.,    Sunderland

"Thanks for the fall cleanup - your crew did a nice job."
J. H,     Amherst

"Thank you for the wonderful work you've done to our lawn."
J. G.,    Amherst

"Thank you for such great service!"
C. N.,   Amherst

"Thanks for finding time to come over and clean up my leaves.  You did a great job - much appreciated."
B. W.,   Amherst

"Thank you for your very nice work."
N. R.,  Amherst

"Thanks for fixing the pond....the geese and ducks are sitting where they like....thanks for the work."
F. R.,  Hawley     (Urgent repair of a leaking dike on the edge of a 2 acre man  made pond.)

"Thank you for your work!  It was a pleasure working with you!"
S. R.,   Amherst

"Glad to have this great lawn service."
R. K.,   Hadley

"Your people did a wonderful job (lawn mowing) last year."
C. G.,   Amherst

"Thanks for doing such a great job!"
P.  B.,   Sunderland