What do we grow here at Amherst Nurseries?  

These are 12-20' tall trees that are going to make an instant impact in your landscape!  The pictures below were taken last season at our nursery farm, and provide a good representation of the kind and size of trees that we grow.  

Spring Snow Crabapple

Centurion Crabapple

Red Maple (fall colors)
All of our trees are selected for reliable growth in our cold New England climate.  All will tolerate weather conditions at least USDA zone 5, and many will withstand much colder climates.  We grow these trees in Charlemont MA, where winter temperatures can reach -20F.
 Our inventory includes the following trees:
Flowering Trees:
Kwanzan Cherry  -   deep pink flowers in early May
Plum  -   crimson foliage, with pink/white flowers in late April
Crabapples  -   many varieties with green or crimson foliage and red, white, and pink flowers in early May
Hawthorn  -   Crimson Cloud (pink/white flowers)  and Winter King (white flowers)
Aristocrat Pear  -   glossy green foliage, upright growing habit, white flowers in late April
Shade Trees:
Our shade trees are fast growing and typically available in heights of at least 15' tall, providing shade instantly!
River Birch - white exfoliating bark, available in multi-stem or single stem, 30-40' tall
Green Ash -  provides dappled shade and grows to 60' tall
Honeylocust  -  thornless variety, provides light shade, good for roadsides
Sycamore  -   grows 60-80' tall, beautiful exfoliating bark
Red Maple  -  grows 40-50' tall, provides deep shade, smooth silvery bark with deep red fall color
Linden  -  grows 30-40' tall, good for roadsides, upright growth habit
Zelkova  -  grows 30-40' tall, good for roadsides, provides light shade, has interesting branch structure