Root Pruning Bags


We grow over 50 varieties of trees and shrubs in Root Pruning Bags.

Root Pruning Bags are an alternative to traditional grown balled and burlapped trees and shrubs.
We primarily utilize Rootmaker brand bags, which develop a strong root system without root circling as
is typically found in a plastic container.

Root Pruning Bags Offer Several Advantages

1.) Fibrous Root System

-Root Pruning Bags promote fibrous, non-circling, horizontally branched root systems.


2.) Concentrated, Lighter Weight Root Ball

-Take up half the space of a traditional ball and burlapped tree/shrub during shipping.

-Can easily be moved by 2 people

-Great labor saver and ideal for planting efforts that utilize volunteer labor!


3.) Reduced Transplant Shock

- 90% of root system remains intact after digging

4.) Long Season of Availability

-Plants in Root Pruning Bags can be harvested from the field early spring through late fall!  

5.) Help with Soil Conservation Efforts at the Nursery

-Root Pruning Bags also help us to conserve our native field soil.  We fill the bags with a nursery potting mix before planting them in the field.  Therefore, we do not lose any of our native field soil when we dig the bags and sell the plants.